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Creative Nature: A Portrait of an Artist… Alive – DVD

A feature documentary film from Spot Creative, Inc.

From the fire of a glassblowing studio to the sky above the Cascade Mountains to the deep blue waters of Hawaii, Creative Nature takes viewers on a unique adventure – into the rugged and daring world of William Morris.

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William Morris: Artifacts/Glass

Gary Blonston
& William Morris
1996 – Abbeville Press
ISBN: 0-7892-0167-4

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William Morris: Animal/Artifact

James Yood
& Tina Oldknow
2000 – Abbeville Press
ISBN: 0-7892-0703-6

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William Morris: Man Adorned

Blake Edgar & James Yood
2001 – Marquand Books, Inc., Seattle
ISBN: 0-295-98184-9

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William Morris: Mazorca, Objects of Common Ceremony

Isabel Allende & James Yood
2004 – Marquand Book, Inc., Seattle
ISBN: 0-9744202-5-5

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