Quotes from the Artist:

“Glassblowing is an animal unto itself. It requires skill, knowledge, physical strength and respect.”

“Man’s origins in nature are expressed through our physical structure. Adornment illuminates ourselves to one another and enhances our distinctions.”

“Artists cannot help themselves; they are driven to create by their nature, but for that nature to truly thrive, we need to preserve the precious habitat in which that beauty can flourish.”

“I believe that there is no such thing as a creative thought. I believe that creativity is an intuitive impulse and something that we all feel. It has no opposite; it doesn’t have a polarity. It exists very much as love does. It is quite bountiful, it is ever-present, and we all carry it. I don’t think any one person is more creative than another.”

“My work is about the symbolic meaning which is attributed to objects and/or artifacts from various cultures. Ordinary objects, such as bone, take on great cultural and spiritual significance, reflecting the values and beliefs of tribal man. Although my work is shaped by the influences of contemporary life and technology, it contemplates fragments from the past; reinventing the narrative of the hunt, stories and rituals which continue to live on in the artifacts which remain.”

“The suspended artifact series explores the abstract relationship between objects to find a harmonious balance of color, texture and composition. The elements are reminiscent of primitive tools and organic forms, which may or may not actually exist. The intentional association of one object to another is not meant to provoke a literal interpretation, but rather a subtle recognition of the underlying motifs of ritual and ceremony.”

“From an animist vision, gods are many and they define the world through their purpose and their character. This is how we see the physical and beyond into the metaphysical. It is these characteristics that make up a whole and complete cosmos, by adding texture, depth and mood. Crows and ravens are such gods of animism. Watching them, I am awed by the rich portrayal of their nature through intent and attitude, acting out and inventing as they go. As with many cultures, crows and ravens have been ministers to denude us to the realization that we are allied with the natural world, the real world.”

“Mazorca is the farmers word for corn and it means the crop, the raw material –it explains corn in its many forms. It can come in great abundance or a plight can decimate that same crop. Like with any metaphor this is true with most of the things that grace our lives. So, we make up stories and dramas to reflect where we find ourselves in the swing of the pendulum, in the cycle of life.”

“Stories are the vehicle that moves metaphor and image into experience. Like metaphors and images, stories communicate what is generally invisible and ultimately inexpressible. In seeking to understand these realities through time, stories provide a perspective that touches on the divine, allowing us to see reality in full context, as part of its larger whole. Stories invite a kind of visi